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Exceed patron satisfaction with
plant-based meals.

OZO® good solutions powered by Planterra Foods® let you serve up delicious meals packed with plant-based goodness.

From starters and mains to takeout options, our versatile plant-based proteins give you the flexibility to adapt your existing fan-favorite recipes and expand your menus with new better-for-you meals.

Our line of OZO plant-based protein is quickly making a name for itself with its delicious taste, clean ingredients and exceptional nutritional advantage. Powered by an exclusive, proprietary blend of high-quality pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mushrooms, OZO gives patrons the nutritional benefits of plants in an easily digestible way.

Foodservice toolkit

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Tasting is believing.

From classic, juicy burgers to delicious plant-based ground that can be used in a variety of recipes, there’s an OZO® good solution that patrons will love.

Clean ingredients packed with nutritional benefits.

Made using clean, non-GMO and soy-free ingredients, OZO provides plenty of nutritional benefits for patrons. With up to 22 grams of protein, OZO offers a high-protein choice that contains no cholesterol and has less calories, fat and saturated fat than other protein offerings.

Keep up with patron demands for better-for-you options.

Demand for plant-based options with simple ingredients continues to grow. Now you can find a full range of solutions from starters to mains from one trusted source.

Expand your plant-based menu across dayparts.

Our OZO breakfast sausage adds fresh news to morning menus, and our signature ground lets you convert current recipes to plant-based in no time.

Seamless stay-fresh packaging.

When it comes to back-of-house efficiency, OZO has you covered with operationally-friendly stay-fresh packaging that includes easy-open peel tops and resealable bags for ease of handling and to maximize product quality.

Creative solutions and resources.

To help navigate the challenging foodservice landscape, we’re offering operators seamless recipe inspiration and meal ideas along with an OZO toolkit that includes convenient to-go solutions, such as branded burger wraps and to-go bags, as well as signage and premium sanitation essentials, such as face masks, for patrons.



Exceed Patron Satisfaction Drive Retention Increase Check Averages Expand Plant-Based Menus Boost Back-Of-House Performance Deliver Consistent Taste from Plant-Based Protein

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